Each dads group must be established within a school. All activities and events of each dads group will be conducted under the authority and responsibility of the sponsoring dads group or school. By registering with Be There Dad®, dads groups and the sponsoring school will have the right to:

  • Use the Be There Dad® trademark
  • Have access to
  • Access the resources and tools of
  • Have access to coaching, guidance and encouragement from the Be There Dad leadership team
Standards of Conduct

Dads groups using the Be There Dad® designation will commit to and operate within the standards of conduct established by Be There Dad.


It is recommended that Dads groups be led by a small leadership group of approximately six (6) dads and delegate key responsibilities of that leadership including the following:

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Recruitment
  • Communication
  • Activity Coordinator
  • Service Coordinator



Each group should have a succession plan in place to assure the sustainability of the group. Leaders should be appointed for three years terms.   Responsibility of each leader should “roll” as outlined below. Successors should be named.

Each term should include:

1st year: In waitinge.g., Vice Chairman
2nd year: In officee.g., Current Chairman
3rd year: Advisore.g., Past Chairman

Each dads group should be accountable to pursue the common objectives of:

  • Presence
  • Potential
  • Partnership

Each dads group should track events, activities, participation and report to their school leadership and to Be There Dad periodically.

Each Dads group will be required to communicate and update their sponsoring school organization periodically to assure they are operating within Be There Dad® standards

Dads groups are encouraged to participate in coordinated events with other schools in the community and Be There Nation.