When I became a coach, I taught my youth soccer team the same concept. Spread the field. Keep your spacing.   Don’t get too close to each other. Spacing is critical to success in basketball, as well – on both ends of the court.

Taking One More Step

As we look forward to 2020, Be There Dad understands that our success depends on our willingness to believe. We will continue to believe what the data, research and our own experiences have shown us – that the power of presence works.

Family Folklore

The holidays are approaching, so soon most of us will gather with family and friends around dinner tables where we have gathered many times before.   As I look forward to our own traditions, I am reminded of the impact those gatherings can have.

Moments in Time

I held the remote opener discreetly behind my back and pushed the button. I summoned my best Yoda impersonation, then raised my free hand to invoke the “force” and open the tailgate.

A Call to Action – One Child at a Time

Last Saturday morning, I surveyed a church sanctuary full of men of many shapes, sizes and descriptions. They were dads, uncles, grandfathers and dad like persons.   They had come from Charlotte and surrounding towns. This was the Man Up Charlotte Conference. These were men on a mission to address fatherlessness. The leader asked those gathered…

Chasing Dreams

On a recent Saturday, I attended the season ending event of Xcel 2 Fitness. Using obstacle courses and similar equipment, this afterschool program encourages young boys to become stronger physically and spiritually so they can fulfill their potentials. They call themselves “dream chasers”.

Punching Holes in the Darkness

This story made me think of the many wonderful men who are a part of our Be There Dad ministry in our community. On any given day, a young child might look at one of our dads with excitement and exclaim the same, “Look at that man. He’s punching a hole in the darkness!”