Make a Memory

Recently we held a Be There Dad workshop at a local elementary school. The audience was a group of dads whose kids all attended this school where there is an active Be There Dad group. Most of these dads had already been involved with service to the school at car rider line and other events.

The Silver Lining

In a reflective moment, I remembered that this is how baseball is supposed to be. I could hear the words of James Earl Jones’ description of the Field of Dreams as if he was speaking to me about Wrigley, “America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers… But baseball has marked the time.

Nobody Wins Until We All Do

On a sunny Saturday in May, a group gathered at a local elementary school in need of a “facelift”. I counted 22 Be There Dads from 4 other schools, 2 Principals, 3 teachers and 10 children. All had gathered to help make this school “a better place” for the children who attended it.