Jeff Usher is Be There Dad. He became known as “Coach Jeff” during his 15 years of coaching soccer and basketball in a faith-based recreational league, teaching Sunday school and leading other child focused activities. Jeff is the founder of Be There Dad and the author of two books, Be There Dad and Take Them by the Hand. While he works as a lawyer to make a living; supporting children by leading and guiding their dads has become his passion in life. He has been happily married for over 30 years and has two grown children.

Nobody Wins Until We All Do

On a sunny Saturday in May, a group gathered at a local elementary school in need of a “facelift”. I counted 22 Be There Dads from 4 other schools, 2 Principals, 3 teachers and 10 children. All had gathered to help make this school “a better place” for the children who attended it.

Sweatshirts, Scrapbooks and Soccer balls

The gleaming Lucite award bore the words, “North Carolina PTA Oak Leaf Award, Be There Dad Male Engagement Program”.  I placed it on a shelf in my office among other awards I had collected, mostly during my years coaching recreational soccer, which I like to think provide some measure of my life. Among them is…

Register Now for Be There Dad – Part Two

Next Tuesday, I will be conducting one of our regularly scheduled Be There Dad workshops at The Rankin Institute. This workshop is open to the public and free of charge. The only obligation is that your register in advance. You can read more about the workshop and register on the link below.